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About Macondo Networks


Macondo Networks is a buyer and seller of telecommunications equipment and services including

Headsets                       Conferencing Systems
Phones                                   Cloud Services

Macondo believes that the relationships we enjoy are not transactional, but long-term. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with our employees, our clients and our community. One way we accomplish this is by understanding our client’s individual business goals and helping them find the right technologies to achieve them. Our peak status with select technology manufacturers gives us the ability to get the best possible discounts, but also enables us to provide support during the design and testing process for projects. Sample test units, direct escalation lines of technical support to external partners, as well as our in-house technical support and testing facilities are included in the value which we present to our customers. These capabilities can streamline a project’s timeframe making competition faster, resulting in a savings of time and money.

As a part of our brand, Macondo also provides gratis post-sale technical support and facilitation above and beyond individual manufacturer levels for situations that require this extra engagement.  We also have the ability to extend asset care and control with various SaaS subscriptions and other value-added services and are always available for subsequent discussions surrounding needs and offerings.  An oft-overlooked but critical aspect of total cost/benefit of ownership is asset disposal.  Macondo assists with responsible elimination of assets which have outlived their value within our clients’ organizations. Additionally, if there is associated value remaining in these cascaded assets, that value can be credited back to our customers for use against future purchases.

At Macondo, we constantly conduct industry research via multiple vehicles and leverage our manufacturer and channel relationships which ensures we are familiar with trends – technology evolution, manufacturer platform transitions, distribution cost relief programs, Tier I competitor pricing, etc. – which enables us to maintain the most competitive and competent presence as both an industry leader and trusted provider to our customers.  Our extensive experience and deep relationships within the industry provide access to exclusive insights which allows us to maintain our competitive status.  Macondo simultaneously maintains an open line of communication with the manufacturers of the required products/solutions so that we are always knowledgeable about what is available in the marketplace.  By understanding the needs of our customers, as well as the current and relevant product offerings in the market, Macondo Networks is able to guarantee that its customers receive the best products and solutions.


Macondo Networks takes a holistic approach to business. We not only offer aggressive pricing but provide significant value-adds. Having a partner like Macondo who works with manufacturers and supports end-users is vital to operations running smoothly. There are times when users have difficulty with products and contact us directly for assistance. Macondo is able to help with the products we sell, but also with how those products work within the company’s own internal telecommunications system.  Our staff has a strong technology base that enables us to do this.  This is a clear advantage that sets Macondo apart from other sellers.

Another clear advantage that sets Macondo apart is its status as a woman-owned small business. We develop a personal relationship with each and every client and provide greater service because we know our customers’ needs, wants and history. Clients work directly with key decision makers, owners and managers, that have the requisite expertise to ensure customers make the best buying decisions. Personalized and exceptional customer service is a given.

How can we be so sure of our outstanding customer service? The answer is simple. We value our employees as much as we value our clients. Our employees are happy; they are more engaged, collaborative and dedicated. Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and are awarded for their contributions. We do this by having weekly team lunches, sharing rewards earned by sales people (people in support positions all help make a sale successful) and team-building.  Our employees know that they can talk to us and that we will do all we can to help.  In so doing, we build trust and help them succeed.  Macondo also instills security in its employees by involving them in the daily operations of the company and recognizing a work/life balance.  We involve employees in the design of our office space, from picking out paint colors and carpeting, to décor and furniture.  We also understand that people have a life outside of the office.  We never penalize employees for taking care of themselves and their family.  In fact, we encourage it!

Macondo also prides itself on investing in its local community. We participate in many school programs and fundraisers, through donations of equipment and time, as well as advertising in journals and playbills. Around the holidays, we always share many of the goodies we receive with the local rescue squad. And, if there is a family in need, Macondo never hesitates to pitch in.  One of our most impactful donations was a gift of Chromebooks to a school for students on the autism spectrum. It was overwhelming to hear a Chromebook transmit words of thanks from a non-verbal student who expressed himself by typing into software installed on that Chromebook!

It is not unusual to have students from the dance studio and indoor soccer academy next door stop in for a snack or to visit “Dash,” Macondo’s 17 lb. golden doodle. Dash loves all the attention at work and helps maintain a cheerful environment.

It has been proven that a positive workplace is a more productive workplace. Developing a positive culture is as simple as showing gratitude and kindness.  Following the motto we all learned as children — treat others how you wish to be treated – leads to success.


Macondo Networks, LLC is a buyer and seller of telecommunications equipment and services.  We also provide cloud-based communication services – solutions for hosted unified communications and collaboration, contact center and customer experience management, and networking, along with related services, to large enterprises, midmarket companies, small businesses and government organizations around the country.  Our mission is to engineer/integrate/support UCaaS services that allow customers to adapt and thrive in a competitive landscape where streamlined communication is key to survival.

Macondo’s history traces back to Quagga – a perennial Inc. Magazine Top 500 fastest growing company that was Avaya’s largest platinum partner in the Western U.S.  In 2010, Quagga was acquired by Fortune 500 company PAETEC out of Rochester, N.Y., which was itself acquired by telecom giant Windstream, the following year.  Macondo, headquartered in Randolph, N.J., was created in January 2016 when Windstream sold off a division of its $300M system integration business unit to an ownership group comprised of 4 former executives, including Jennifer Frey, the current majority owner and managing partner of Macondo Networks, LLC.


Our name is derived from the fictional town created by Latin American writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 100 Years of Solitude.

Garcia’s Macondo is an isolated town (in the remote jungles of Columbia) that has no contact with the outside world for many years except for gypsies who occasionally visit to sell them technological innovations (magnets, ice, telescopes, the railroad). The town is dedicated to hard work, order and being happy.

Macondo’s founder and patriarch loves technology and modern developments so, in his desire to learn, he establishes contact with the outside world.

Macondo turns from an idyllic magical place to one full of years of misfortune, war and violence, mainly because the founding family is selfish, elitist and unable to learn from their mistakes.

Longing for the days of peace, the book ends with Macondo retreating into isolation and solitude once again. Macondo is eventually destroyed by a hurricane – likely because they think too highly of themselves, making them unable to adapt and get along with the outside world.

Our interpretation of 100 Years of Solitude is that history repeats itself unless we are willing to learn from our mistakes. Success comes from being adaptable: willing to try new things, anticipate trends, learn and improve, own up to mistakes and address them, be flexible. The name Macondo Networks is a bit of an oxymoron. Macondo is an isolated town that is eventually destroyed by its inability to connect or “network.” At Macondo Networks, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect and build relationships with our clients, our employees and our community. Macondo Networks prides itself on working very closely with clients to ensure complete and utter satisfaction every step of the way. We make sure that all our clients’ needs are met and go beyond business as usual to accelerate new opportunities and mutual growth.