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Contact Center Cloud Solutions
It's time to go beyond the call and be more productive.
We deliver transformative technologies at the speed of business, not the speed of IT.

Simplifying your business management and IT process just got easier. Delight your customers, be agile, increase your competitiveness, all while reducing your Contact Center related expenses. Impossible? Not anymore. Macondo's Contact Center Cloud Solution was designed to remove the complexity of traditional, on premise based call centers, so you can focus on what matter's most, your customers and your bottom line.

Tired of managing a roomful of servers and blinking lights that never seem to be able to deliver exactly what your business needs? That’s where we come in, our secure cloud based solution is scalable and offers a level of redundancy that does not exist in most premise based Contact Centers today. By removing the infrastructure we remove your business’s main barrier to productive change. The infrastructure is already in our cloud we bridge the gap of turning it on and managing it for you without involving the costs of capital equipment or deployment cycles.

 Just invested in your new ecommerce site and feel chat would help you close more business? No problem, we’ll turn it on.
 New compliance rules mean you now need to record calls? No problem, we’ll turn it on.
 Your CEO just informed you the company is going global and you need contact centers in five countries by the end of the quarter? No problem, we’ll turn it on.

Ready to turn up profits and turn down expenses? With the Macondo Contact Center Cloud Solution you get innovative technology and an unparalleled commitment to customer service so you can focus on your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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