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Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

With Macondo Networks, mobile communications no longer means carrying a single roaming device.
Instead, it now means the capability to pick up any device.

Productive business professionals demand instant access to all settings, data, and applications. The intersection of cloud computing, big data and social media is pushing mobility in new directions. Mobility allows companies to unleash new and improved capabilities but puts additional strain on IT departments to integrate systems, develop apps, oversee security, handle BYOD and manage demands. Simplifying the connections between all of these devices is what Macondo does best.

Adopting mobility no longer means sacrificing security. Our engineers configure solutions that provide a single simple interface to give all employees secure access to your communication tools, business applications, directories and transactions. Macondo’s extensive partnerships in the mobility space provide solutions that are tailor made for your users. We can even add elements of application virtualization, mobile collaboration, security, auditing, VPN, and other technologies.

Macondo’s Contact Center Solutions supplement our Mobility Solutions with an extra dimension of freedom, allowing Call Center professionals to effectively work from anywhere while having access to the information they need. Macondo’s vast experience in this space allows us to build out a mobility solution that dovetails nicely with your Business Process Management needs.


Our Wireless Solutions produce a wide range of benefits for either a stand-alone solution or as part of a larger Unified Communications plan.

 Potent Access to Critical Information.

Secure remote access to the information you need, where and when you need it, through a single source. No more toggling between locations or devices. No longer does mobility simply mean forwarding your landline to your cellphone. Now visual voice mail interfaces to enterprise messaging making it every bit as important as mobile access to email in today’s world. Collaborative mobile line-of-business applications specifically designed for paperless fieldwork are also a communication game-changer.

 Nimble Decision-Making.

Remote workers can provide decision-makers with data remotely for faster analysis and processing. Knowing where your resources are and their avaiabilty can lead to efficient scheduling decisions and significant cost savings.

 Upgraded Workflow Management.

Supervisors can stay connected to their workforce wherever they may be travelling. Even if they are just stuck in traffic. This continuous access makes changing schedules and unforeseen events much easier to proactively manage.

 Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Equipping your field account reps or sales force with mobility solutions allows you to provide a more visible presence to your customers and enhance their perception of your availability

 Cost Reduction.

By analyzing your company cell usage and identifying where FMC, toll avoidance, and dual-mode usage can reduce your monthly spend and provide a visible return. Mobility helps workers achieve cost savings in a myriad of ways. One example would be using the network to place lower-cost IP telephone calls and minimize use of the public cellular network.

 Utilize Existing Infrastructure.

You have complete access to your existing infrastructure while mobile. For example, financial advisors can record conversations and lawyers can track billable time from their mobile phones, just as if they were at their desk.

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