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Macondo Networks Wins Grand Prize in Competition

Macondo Networks is proud to announce that it was recently selected as one of two grand prize winners in the Investors Bank Movers & Shakers Small Business Competition. Following is part of the press release from Investors Bank.

Investors Bank, the New Jersey Devils and WCBS 880 (WCBS-AM) developed the Movers & Shakers as an elevator-pitch competition that drew more than 500 entries from among small businesses in New Jersey and New York. Each company’s entry was evaluated on the three criteria aligned with the key values that continue to drive Investors Bank’s success: Creativity, bringing new approaches to the marketplace; Competitiveness, versus near-in competitors and larger corporations; and Community, fostering significant and positive changes in neighborhoods the business serves.

Investors’ Chairman and CEO Kevin Cummings, President and senior executives from the business and retail banking groups presented a $10,000 check from the bank, which is a part of the $100,000 grand prize package, to each winner. Jennifer Frey, the founder and owner of Macondo Networks, collected the honors at Investors’ Roxbury branch in Succasunna, N.J.

In announcing the grand prize winners and finalists, Mr. Cummings said, “We are inspired by the compelling stories the small businesses shared in their Movers & Shakers applications. The companies’ owners and employees are committed to excellence in providing products and services, assisting clients, and giving back to local communities. It’s clearer than ever that small businesses are a core part of our regional and national economy. Investors and our partners know and understand that these companies deserve our support right now.”

The Movers & Shakers grand prize package comprised three key elements. The Grand Prize winners received $10,000 from Investors Bank. Each company will get an estimated $15,000 worth of advertising from WCBS 880 (WCBS-AM). The New Jersey Devils will create a special event for each winner and their guests in one of Prudential Center’s exclusive suites during a regular season hockey game. Digital and video advertising/messaging will be displayed in the arena for each of the grand prize winners on the day of their event.

“We value building productive relationships with small businesses that continue to drive to be examples of best-in-class companies,” said New Jersey Devils President Jake Reynolds. “We know these organizations are always looking for better, faster and more affordable methods to serve their clients along with improved ways to recognize their outstanding teammates. As we participated with our valued partners at Investors Bank in their Movers & Shakers program, we were strongly reminded that small businesses need solid leaders, a competitive edge and unstoppable energy to succeed. We are proud that this program shows that Alstede Farms and Macondo Networks are recognized today and given additional resources to achieve even more in the future.”

The finalists attended a virtual celebration on Tuesday, October 27, hosted by WCBS 880 Small Business Reporter Joe Connolly.

Connolly said, “The Movers & Shakers competition attracted a truly incredible group of small businesses. Selecting the two grand prize winners and top ten finalists was very interesting and difficult because all these companies are performing at an ultra-high level, in every aspect of their businesses. Even in a challenging economy, they are taking advantage of new opportunities and openings they uncover. That’s what New York area business owners are doing every day. I thank Investors Bank for recognizing local business owners in this way and for asking me to take part.”

Jennifer Frey at Macondo said, “we are incredibly honored to be chosen as one of the grand prize winners. At Macondo Networks, we pride ourselves on developing strong and meaningful relationships with our employees, clients and community. Emphasis on a positive work culture, fostering solutions, not excuses, is what makes us successful. To be recognized as a leader in this regard is extremely rewarding.”

Macondo Networks, LLC is a buyer and seller of telecommunications equipment and services, including headsets, phones, conferencing systems and cloud services. Macondo’s peak status with select technology manufacturers gives it the ability to get the best possible discounts, while also enabling it to provide support during the design and testing process for projects. Sample test units, direct escalation lines of technical support to external partners, as well as in-house technical support and testing facilities are included in the value presented to all customers. Macondo also provides gratis post-sale technical support and facilitation above and beyond individual manufacturer levels for situations that require this extra engagement. An oft-overlooked but critical aspect of total cost/benefit of ownership is asset disposal. Macondo assists with responsible elimination of assets which have outlived their value within a clients’ organization. Additionally, if there is associated value remaining in these cascaded assets, that value can be credited back for use against future purchases. As a woman-owned small business, Macondo helps satisfy diversity spend requirements. Developing a personal relationship with each and every client enables Macondo to know its customers’ needs, wants and history. Clients work directly with key decision makers, owners and managers, that have the requisite expertise to ensure customers make the best buying decisions. Personalized and exceptional customer service is a given.